Production on patchworks: “The Animal Advocate” has now wrapped!

Dana Grove and all the dedicated volunteers/foster families/adoptive families/partner businesses involved with the Funds For Furry Friends animal rescue organization have really taught me what it means to give selflessly, for nothing more than the eager wag of a tail, the soft nudge of a hand, or a sloppy lick on the face in return.

Through the month of May and into early June, I had the pleasure of getting to know Dana a little better and learn more about what drives her and the rest of the FFFF organization to give hundreds of cats and dogs every year a second chance at a happy life. Take a look at the pictures below to see just a few of the amazing animals that Funds for Furry Friends has taken in and provided stable foster/”Forever” homes for. (Believe me, it took all the willpower in the world to not scoop many of them up in my arms and take them home with me!) I’m super happy to report that some of the cats and dogs featured in my patchworks piece have already been adopted into loving homes. But there are so many more that are still waiting for their “Forever Homes”, so check out FFFF’s website ( or Twitter account (@fundsfurfriends) to see if the perfect companion is patiently waiting for you!

Aside from the heart-melting experience of getting to meet & play with dozens of dogs and cats, I had so much fun producing this piece with the super-talented and super-chill Nate Bower.

True to the old adage (that I just made up five minutes ago), “You can take the girl out of journalism, but you can’t take the journalism out of the girl”, I peppered Nate with documentary/filmmaking/camera gear questions the entire time we were shooting – and he answered them all with patience and true interest.

Armed with that knowledge, I was able to finally shed my own insecurities of being “just the commie and not a techie”, and now have a fancy-schmancy camera of my own! Now it’s “practice, practice, practice” so that I can be in fine shooting form for future patchworks productions! (It’s just like riding a white-balanced bike, right? Right?!?)

It’s that spirit of group mentorship – along with the camaraderie and, hell, even the criticisms – that make being around the creative minds in the Brandon Industry Group so fun and rewarding. So, while each patchworks producer will get their individual ‘Marquee Moment’ when the series premieres in the fall, it really does feel like a solid team effort – one I’m humbled to be a part of.