It’s amazing, really. You hear stories and see movies about a kid with a dream that actually comes true. But usually, those sorts of things are fictional — the dream rarely, if ever, becomes reality.

However, for Brandon’s Trevor Pilling, aspiration and determination — combined with plenty of hard work — led him to become one of the fortunate few who actually turned hope into glory.

Interesting thing is, Pilling never knew until much later in his career what his dream really was. In fact, it was sort of a fluke that he fell into the media business in the first place. And that’s what makes his story so interesting. From his humble roots at CKX-TV in the Wheat City, Pilling has risen to the top of his game, producing Hockey Night in Canada for several years – his dream was to work on the show – and eventually becoming HNIC’s Executive Producer.

He’s climbed even further up the ladder, and is now Head of Programming for CBC Sports.

The documentary explores Pilling’s passion for his life’s work on the set in Toronto, and examines his still-strong ties to his home community through interviews at the Keystone Centre and his most recent annual visit to the family cottage at Pelican Lake in Ninette. Pilling reflects on his journey, from Brandon to the big-time, in patchworks 2 – The Producer.