Well, the first shoot of ‘patchworks – the pianist’ took place yesterday. And it was delightful! Improvisational pianist Edna Knock, who is 85 years young, knocked our socks off with Bach, boogie-woogie and jazz riffs of her own on-the-spot composition, and a Scott Joplin rag thrown in for good measure. While I was nervous before the interview — the first time in YEARS that’s happened — I think it’s because I SO wanted to capture her brilliance, her sensitivity, and her sparkle, and was concerned she might be intimidated by the presence of the camera, and that all those traits might not come through during the session.

But I needn’t have worried. She handled everything like the pro she is, and was even gracious when we asked her to play something again, and again, and again. We have an in-house concert slated for June 1st to show how she handles an audience, and how they respond to her, and after that, editing begins! I can’t wait!