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The lazy, hazy crazy days of summer have brought some hazy and crazy production work on my Patchworks film on local painter Weiming Zhao. While it was great to, like my subject, work in the great outdoors doing so also meant I was at the mercy of the elements. Fortunately the rain held off but high winds and constantly shifting light really kept me on my toes while I gathered footage of Weiming at work.

During our time together, he told me stories of risking a lightning strike, being hit on the head by coconuts during a windstorm in Mexico and of freezing while painting in -43 Celsius temperatures — so, suddenly keeping a constant eye on my exposure didn’t seem so bad. Thanks for the perspective, Weiming!

The shoot went really well, including a lovely bit of serendipity with a passing child who ended up a delightful addition to both Weiming’s painting that day and my footage. It’s interesting how something small and unexpected can vault into the centre of an entire effort.

The next few days will bring the interview, to intersperse throughout the film and the real work — editing. I’m working with fellow Patchworker Danielle Adriaansen for that, which will involve piecing together all these fragments of images and sound into a coherent flowing story. Fingers crossed!