Pic2Shooting for “patchworks: the gardener” is finally underway!

My documentary subject is Cory Messel, who splits his time between helping to manage the affairs of Brandon’s popular Lady of Lake Gift Shop and escaping to his hobby of gardening. As Cory will tell you, gardening is in his bloodline and he’s always had a passion for design – both for inside and outside environments.

Now an adult, Cory has been transforming the yard of his modest childhood home on the edge of Brandon’s Green Acres neighbourhood into a perfectly-arranged and manicured mix of decorative border gardens and vegetable and herb gardens for a number of years. Fellow “patchworks” filmmaker Brooke Clayton and I spent the day at Cory’s on July 7 with so many stunning visuals – I can already tell it will be torture to decide what gets to stay and what gets “left on the cutting room floor”!

Pic3Between the yard’s waterfall /pond feature, its burgeoning vegetable garden with baby growth full of juicy promise, its Zen garden tucked into the backyard under a towering maple tree, or its arrangements of succulents and vines in the front yard – it’s Cory’s own little “Secret Garden”!

Petting a “lamb’s ear” plant even took me back to days on my family’s own farm, cuddling newborn lambs! Shooting on “patchworks: the gardener” is set to wrap on July 14, after which I will craft Cory’s unique story from his own words and then pass the footage into the talented hands of fellow BIG member Nate Bower for the editing process. (PS. Be sure to check out both Brooke and Nate’s “patchworks” subject teasers on this same blog!)

The Brandon Industry Group is truly a collaborative community effort, and for that, I am entirely grateful! I hope our future “patchworks” audiences will agree!