My name is Ken McKenzie-Cochrane I’m one of the new documentary filmmakers with the Patchworks2 collective.

I’ve chosen to do a historical documentary of a little known ‘Titanic’ story connected to western Manitoba, with a working title of “The Prairie Titanic Story” Original eh!
I’d thought of the alternate title “Sunk But Not Forgotten On The Prairies” but it was too long!

This documentary explores the Titanic’s unique connection to Brandon and western Manitoba. It centers around three brothers who traveled on the Titanic that fateful night in 1912. Manitoba is home to the most western burial location of all the Titanic victims. This documentary follows the unique events that occurred at this rural funeral.

My wife, Claudette and I, started filming on Friday (May 9th) with the Titanic expert Cecil Pittman. He welcomed us into his home and our filming began.

Cecil is a very friendly gentleman who at 75 years of age has been interested in the Titanic since childhood! He loves to tell historical stories he knows about the Titanic. He has been a keynote speaker at the Halifax and Montreal Titanic conventions. He’s a well respected historian on that famous ship.

After our in-home interview, we proceeded to film in the very same church that a funeral occurred in over 102 years ago. Lastly we went to the graveside to pay our respects and complete our filming.

Now its onto editing to digitally splice the film together!

Few people would know that there is a 40 foot high glass Titanic memorial right here in Brandon! My quest first began there — wondering why our landlocked city of Brandon would be home to such a majestic Titanic memorial.

Our next shoot will be in front of this beautiful glass memorial.

Watch for more blog entries!