Here is a list of intriguing citizens of Brandon who are being profiled in the patchworks project.

The Crazy Hooper

Filmmaker: Julie Watt

Christina “Crazy Hooper” Munchinsky is a Brandon girl who has been hula hooping since the age of 5. Back in 2014, this crazy hooper showcased her hula hooping talents on the Ellen Degeneres show, winning  “Ellen, Here’s My Talent” contest. In front of a live studio audience, this crazy hooper hula hooped 70 hoops at one time! Christina has performed at many family events in and around Brandon and says her target audience ranges from 4 – 84 years of age.

The Yoga Guru

Filmmaker: Colin Corneau

Himanshu Purohit emigrated to Brandon from India, where he studied yoga for over 40 years. He gives back to the community he’s adopted by teaching meditation and holistic yoga at the YMCA, where he brings the lessons learned on the hot coasts of Gujarat to the residents of the snowy plains of southwestern Manitoba.

The Stock Car Racers

Filmmakers: Shaun Cameron and Graham Street

Matt Bootsman is an avid race car driver in the Pascar (Prairie Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) class. We’ll follow him as he prepares for and then competes in the first race of the season at the dirt track in Souris.

The Leader

Filmmaker: Danielle Adriaansen

Delvina has been organizing weekly powwows at New Era School for more than a decade. Over the past 12 years the event has been a gathering place in the community, helping to keep the vibrant traditions and teachings of indigenous culture alive and shared with others.

The Magicians

Filmmaker: Nate Bower

Evolution Entertainers – Holden Lumbard and Brett Chrest – are young entertainers who started at a young age performing for crowds – now they’ve changed their focus and are avid magicians.

The Home Brewer

Filmmaker: Allison Collins

Al Munz sure likes his suds! This 13-year home brewing veteran based in Oak River,MB., is proof that all you need to make a mouth-watering mug of beer is a little dedication and creativity – and a whole lot of patience.

The Typesetter

Filmmaker: Chris Noto

Marc Vorspel is third generation of Typesetters from the Netherlands, he was born in 1944 right after the war, decided to leave the family business, never to work in printing again and move to Canada. Only here for a short while, Mark found himself falling in love with a large press and ended up back in the biz, working 30 years at the Brandon Sun in the composing room. Mark eventually left the Brandon Sun to open his own printing business to round out his career.

The Doll Doctor

Filmmakers: Chris Beyette & Patrick McGriskin

Diane has one of the largest collection of dolls in Manitoba. She makes and repairs custom dolls in the style of tradition Prairie dolls. She also has a unique collection of famous dolls from noted manufacturers.

Brandon’s Bubble Man

Filmmaker: Diane Nelson and Greg Sherris

Karlheinz Sawatzky-Dyck, is a modern-day Peter Pan. The boy who, happily, never grew up, has made a living bringing his audiences across the province into his world of “pure imagination.” And the ephemeral nature of the bubbles he creates – here in prismatic glory one second, then – pop! – gone the next – typify his approach to, and appreciation of, all the extraordinary moments each day has to offer. He enchants his audiences – the young and the young at heart, by taking them – literally! – inside his quivering, shimmering, oh-so-temporary creations. Take a look behind the scenes, then watch out front as the career showman transports his fans, for a few precious moments, from reality into fantasy. It’s a whole new perspective – and it’s bubble-licious!

The Musical Nun

Filmmaker: Ken McKenzie-Cochrane

Sister Joan, is the last surviving nun of the Brandon order of Nuns who have had quiet influence in our city for 100 years. Not only is she a nun but uniquely talented as a concert pianist, has toured  & had taught piano at Brandon University as a professor/nun. Not what you’d expect for a nun, but many nuns commonly helped in teaching – hers was in teaching music!

The Puppet Maker

Filmmaker: Craig Cesmystruk

Marilyn Hardy is an emergency room nurse at BRHC who sidelines as a puppet maker. Her extraordinary foam and glue creations have been featured in several local musical and theatre productions. A multi-talented artist, she also creates extremely elaborate Halloween costumes.