It has been a couple weeks since cameras rolled on the start of  “patchworks-The Potter”.

As a precursor here is a bit about the subject matter. Jeff Bettle is the owner and proprietor of the Old Church Pottery and Gift store on Highway 10 near Minnedosa. He has been honing his craft since he finished high school and the craft has seen him through some of the more pivotal points in his life. A self professed “Gallery Rat” Bettle spent many a night working the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba operating the kilns as well as making sure the studio was prepared for classes.

Jeff had previously spent over a decade in the home service/ health care field and felt a change was necessary. He chose to follow his passion and make a go of pottery as an art as well as a business, opening the church six years ago.  Bettle has since become an integral part of the community as he resides at the church and has become a favourite stop for tourists as well as those who visit his booths on the crafting circuit.

I chose to follow the path of the Old Church and Jeff’s story as he is an inspiration to those who sought to change something in their life. As Bettle puts it in the piece “as far as we know this is our only time around so making a difference and doing what you love and what is fulfilling is important”.

The piece itself is shot entirely on DSLR with a wide variety of lenses. I personally like the feel of DSLR footage and the crispness and versatility of the image is strongly coveted. It was great to share in this shoot with my talented friends Nate Bower and Matt Duboff who accompanied and shared in both the film and photography realm.

The piece is something I have come to take great pride in and look forward to sharing it with viewers of the MTS On Demand “Stories from Home” brand. Now back to the edit room!


( A still from the shoot with Potter Jeff Bettle)