Patrick McGriskin

PatrickA video game and media enthusiast, he got his start by attending Academy of Broadcasting in 2007 and then weaseled his way into CKX after graduating where he would attempt to do silly things like shoot directly into the sun and continuously pan in the same direction.

In 2009 he attended Vancouver Film School for Video Game Design where he learned that even the pros have no idea what “Game Theory” is and then returned to Manitoba in the hopes of joining the burgeoning indie Brandon scene.

His first movie, Game Knights, hit the airwaves in February for MTS TV Stories from Home. Game Knights is a story about the local gaming convention, PrairieCon, and the community behind it which have made it a success for the past 3+ decades!

He hopes to develop some interest in local game design with a bi-annual Brandon Game Jam, which he has partnered with the City of Brandon to create.