Westman Reptile Gardens

Greg Sherris and Diane Nelson

In the middle of the frozen Canadian prairie, this hobby-turned-business has become a staple of unique — let’s even say weird – entertainment offerings in the area. Snakes, lizards, alligators and other not-so-warm-and-fuzzy creatures are on display for school groups or anyone with a hankering for something unusual to view and/or interact with. And while reptile zoos are not uncommon, the question we hope to answer still remains: What the heck is it doing HERE??


The Architect

Danielle Adriaansen

Towns and cities are made stronger and more beautiful through better architecture, yet most of us rarely give pause to consider the impact built space has on our everyday lives. Brandon-based architect Michael Cox is passionate about the discipline being a practical art form; one that solves problems, puts people’s needs first and leaves a lasting mark on the community. (confirmed)


The Carp Fisherman

Ryan Yaskiw

Passion, dedication and positive promotion of resource and the sport of carp fishing are things that come to mind while developing and shooting this story. The Carp Fisherman, Ryan Ginter’s passion and how he fishes for and promotes the sports of fly fishing and European carp fishing will be very entertaining. Being invasive carp are often viewed as a garbage fish. But Ryan has found a love for these hard fighting, misunderstood monsters, and that will reflect strongly in the film.

The Entrepreneur

Brooke Clayton

James Ruser has been a business owner for many years, and has a passion for creating new things and making others happy. James currently owns a new business called Boardgame Empire that shares a location with his existing business, I Want That Stuff. His doors are open to people of all ages and interests, and the doc features a few regular groups that come to play boardgames there. He is also a former foster child, so we hear about James’ childhood growing up and meet his sister who grew up with him, also involved in independent business in the community of Brandon.


The Coach

Colin Corneau

CrossFit has taken its share of headlines — some hyperbole, some sensationalist. Behind the hype lies a philosophy that’s made a real difference in the lives of both those who participate and those who teach. Zack McMillan brings an upbeat, positive attitude in helping people achieve what  they didn’t think they could accomplish. Meet the fittest man in Manitoba!

The Roastery- From bean to brew

Ken McKenzie-Cochrane

Our culture loves its coffee! Coffeeshops can be found on almost every corner in every town- some corporate some privately owned. However few can claim to roast their own product daily for 5 local shops  and outside markets. Ryan Jacobson , a Brandon entrepreneur,  creates a proudly locally roasted product. Learning the craft from a master-roaster he now roasts  his own flavours.  We’ll explore the unique aspect of his roastery, aspects of our coffee culture, and what a bean goes thru from  green bean to “grounds” !


The Collectors

Chris Noto

For decades now, Deb and Garry Noto have been buying other people’s trash and turning it into their treasure.  Deb and Garry Noto own an antique store just outside of Minnedosa. Over the years they have had countless treasures and tokens go through their possession. The items that have gone through their shop have more stories than there is time to tell.