Patchworks 2

The Musicians

Filmmaker: Graham Street

Until Red have been building a buzz around the Brandon music scene since they formed in late 2011. This group of young gentlemen are known in the city for their energetic, crowd pleasing, and interactive performances. Each member juggles their up and coming music career with full time studies within the Brandon University music program. In late December the group is hoping to produce their first full length music video that is set to take place in The Aud Theatre in Virden.

The Ice-Men

Filmmaker: Shaun Cameron

Chris Church and the ice makers of Riverview Curling club have become some of the best curling ice makers in Westman. The eclectic group of men take ice making to another level as their involvement in the community centre has seen them branch out beyond sheer ice making into local philanthropic endeavors. This has set Riverview CC apart as a positive community partner and allowed these group of men, ranging up into their seventies a chance to connect through the fellowship that is the game of curling.

The Painter

Filmmaker: Brooke Clayton

Anne Boychuk paints holiday artwork and murals all over Brandon. You can always see her coming in her bright, colourful hand-painted van, and hear her by her outgoing, fun loving personality. I will be capturing her work in all seasons of the year, featuring her studio, the X-Mas season, and mural artwork.

The Curator

Filmmaker: Danielle Adriaansen

Natalia Lebedinskaia is Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (AGSM). Natalia was born in Russia and moved to Canada during her childhood where she later graduated with a MA in Art History from Concordia University. At only 27, she has a wealth of experience in galleries and residency programs across Canada. She brings a vibrancy and progressive approach to one of the most treasured landmarks in downtown Brandon.

Jordan Zenk

Filmmakers: Diane Nelson and Greg Sherris

Jordan Zenk is a driving force at the Helping Hands Soup Kitchen. We don’t often see young people at the center of volunteer organizations or charities, but Jordan is an exception. He feels strongly that his life is made richer by serving his community and helping to lighten the load of those less fortunate than himself. – patchworks “The Bullfighter” subject is unconfirmed. Scott Byrne is a professional rodeo bullfighter. Keeping the cowboys, who are crazy enough to strap themselves to these beasts, safe and out of harm’s way is Scott’s stock-in-trade. Getting in the face of 2000 lbs of snorting, twisting, turning, and kicking bull is no casual way to make a living, but Scott loves the rodeo lifestyle…and annoying bulls!

The Director

Filmmaker: Patrick McGriskin

Lisa Vasconcelos founded Mecca Productions in 2001. She shares her love of musical theatre with children and has created a production house and theatrical school that has produced years of entertainment for Brandon.

The Actor

Filmmaker: Chris Beyette

Ken Jackson. Subject is confirmed. Ken Jackson has been a staple actor in the Brandon theatre scene for over a decade and has even delved into the professional acting scene in Wpg.

Prairie Artists

Filmmaker: Julie Watt

Boissevain couple, Christina and Casey Guenther, moved back to the prairies after living in India for 3 years, and opened 1894 Art Gallery. Their vision was to create an open space for all artists to share their work and to showcase the many talents Southwestern Manitoba has to offer. Subjects confirmed, anticipate shooting in late April.

The Animal Advocates

Filmmaker: Allison Collins

On the Board of Directors of Funds For Furry Friends (Brandon’s volunteer-run and foster-home-based cat and dog rescue/adoption charity), Dana Grove and colleagues have carried on with the passion of FFFF’s departed founder, Shahna Rice, since her death in 2008. With the help of an army of volunteers, FFFF advocates for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Assiniboine River Armada

Filmmaker: John Scott

Every summer for the past 4 years, Dave Fort (founding member of TWIN) and other musicians have paddled the Assiniboine from Brandon to Winnipeg, playing concerts at various locations along the way. Stops include Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Fairholme Colony, Dakota Tipi 1st Nation, and Portage la Prairie. They end the trip by playing one final venue in Winnipeg. Besides paddling the Assiniboine, Dave has completed similar canoe concert tours on the Mississippi River from Bemidji, MN to La Cross Wisconsin 2x; the LA River in Los Angeles and the Sacramento River in northern California. Beside playing their own original music, Dave and the others also work to educate people they meet along the way about the state of these rivers from ecological and recreational perspectives. Dave and his partner Brooklyn are confirmed, with dates for the trip to be determined.

The Prairie Titanic Story

Filmmaker: Ken McKenzie-Cochrane

A historical doc based upon a little known story of three brothers who were aboard the Titanic in 1912. Their grave site is here in Western Manitoba.  Making them the western-most  burials in Canada as others were buried in Halifax or at sea.  Interviewee will be a historian named Cecil Pittman overseeing the graves & Titanic history tied to their last place of burial.​

The Parents

Filmmaker: Nate Bower

Moving from the United States to a place that was “north of North Dakota” was the first step for my parents. 5 children and 8 grandchildren later, they have both retired but their stories continue to be written, from families that trace their roots to Vice Presidents, Civil War Generals at Gettysburg and Paul Revere.

The Beekeeper

Filmmaker: Chris Noto

Borden Petrycia, local beekeeper who moved home from Vancouver area 20(ish) years ago to look after his mother, moved his beekeeper biz back here with him. Often employs some of the younger Ukrainian immigrant lads. Curious to see his perspective on some of the ongoing Bee problems of north america. Is known to be one of, if not the best in the area.

The Emigrant

Filmmaker: Colin Corneau

Daniel Lim is Brandon’s oldest living Chinese emigrant. His life has spanned two cultures – Canada and China, East and West. From a childhood in China during a time of war and upheaval to a new life in Brandon, Mr. Lim has lived these two realities with grace, humility and good humour.

The Sensei

Filmmaker: Craig Cesmystruk

Sensei Patrick Johanneson heads the Brandon Judokan judo club. A former student, the black belt wielding Johanneson (alongside second in command Xisra Winder) is the latest to have inherited leadership of the club as it enters its fifth decade of schooling Westman residents in the “gentle way”.