Have you ever wanted to build something? Some people get out a hammer, others people grab flour and some measuring cups. I’ve never been handy with tools and the last time I attempted to bake, the results were more suitable for replacement pucks in a street hockey game rather than a tasty treat. I’ve always liked learning the stories people have locked inside them. Where they come from, where they are going, what makes them go there, what they are contributing to society, culture, themselves, their family, and everyone else around them. That’s the great thing about The Patchworks Project, I get to build that desire into something, a film. Then someone can look at it; they can learn and smile and take it home with them.

Smiling kids, interesting sights, fun new people, it is great way to just see why this world keeps ticking and why this city is such an amazing place. There are things that go wrong, audio gets dropped, or we miss an interesting shot or snippet of dialogue, but we capture most of it, we piece it together, we find that hidden story, the heart of it. We take that story and build it into something everyone else can see on that big screen, and enjoy.

Patchworks 2 premieres in just a couple of short weeks at the Evans Theatre on September 27th and 28th at 2pm each day. I can’t wait to share that day with my fellow filmmakers and see what hidden stories they have found throughout our little prairie city. The people of Brandon built this amazing community and it has been the ultimate pleasure to get a chance for a behind the scenes peek at it.