Patchworks 1

Here is a list of intriguing citizens of Brandon who are being profiled in the patchworks project.

historicalreenactorThe Historical Reenactor

Filmmaker: Graham Street

Melissa Ewasiuk juggles a hectic life as mother of four boys and helping to manage the family farm. However, she still somehow finds time to pursue her passion for history as a historical re-enactor with the Red Coats of the Northwest.

The Projectionist

Filmmaker: Nate Bower

Ron McPhail is the president of the Brandon Film Festival and one of the projectionists that runs the Evans. With the future of film and the Evans in doubt, Ron will give us a taste of what a projectionist is like and what the future may hold for the Evans.

thepotterThe Potter

Filmmaker: Shaun Cameron

Jeff Bettle is a highly skilled artisan with the potters wheel. He has worked for close to a decade refurbishing an old church to house his studio and a retail location as well as his permanent year round residence. Jeff has become a well known artist on the crafting circuit with his works drawing critical acclaim from all facets of the art world.

fishermanThe Fisherman

Filmmaker: Brooke Clayton

Kelly Riehl grew up fishing on the rivers around Brandon every day in the summers of his childhood. His love for fishing never left him as he grew older, in fact, it brought him to a career. Each summer he travels to Islay, AB and works for Lakers Unlimited as a fishing guide, catching massive fish off of Lake Athabasca everyday. This piece shows how the love of fishing started for this young man, who he looked up to, and reveals the “fish” inside of him.

The Pianist

Filmmaker: Diane Nelson

At age 85, improvisational pianist Edna Knock still concertizes regularly and is much in demand as an entertainer. A Professor Emeritus of Brandon University’s acclaimed School of Music, Knock loves the classics, but has developed a loyal following thanks to her jazz stylings and her boogie woogie flair. She’s taught music and performed all over the world, has recorded four CDs and has written and published a book. A second tome is in the works, and more concerts are booked for the 2013-2014 season. Artistry trumps age in this intimate portrait of a still-flourishing talent.

StreetPhotographerThe Street Photographer

Filmmaker: Danielle Adriaansen

With his M6 Leica 35mm film camera, Colin Corneau captures fleeting moments of people along the backdrop of Brandon’s downtown neighbourhood. His stunning, growing collection of prints—primarily in black and white—allow him to continuously develop a sustained look at his community, which he endearingly refers to as “Planet Brandon”.

The Boxer

Filmmaker: Chris Beyette

Noel Harding is Brandon’s very own national level boxer and founder of Brandon’s boxing club. We will get to know Noel and his boxing career as well as the boxing club and what it means to Brandon.

The Gardener

Filmmaker: Allison Collins

Cory Messel is an unassuming green thumb. Yet, through sheer determination and dedication to the craft, Messel has turned his Brandon yard into an urban jungle and has most recently been recognized with a “Best Urban Grounds” award from the Manitoba Good Roads Association.

The Master Chef

Filmmaker: Greg Sherris

A master chef and master educator, Chef Larry de Vries has set the gold standard for culinary delights in Brandon. He was instrumental in forming the Brandon Chefs and Cooks Association and has plied his trade in a number of restaurants, never leaving patrons wanting more, but always bringing them back. He has served as a guest chef on television, competed successfully at the international level and has taught many aspiring chefs the tools and tricks of the trade. As chef instructor at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School, Chef Larry touches both the minds and palates of his pupils, giving them a taste of this rewarding career. Seconds anyone?

The En Plein Air Painter

Filmmaker: Colin Corneau

Weiming Zhao creates at least one oil painting each day for several years now of the world around him, setting up an easel outdoors no matter the weather. He has spent a lifetime educating himself in art and culture, from a childhood in remote northwestern China to emigration to Brandon and a collection of painted moments that now numbers in the thousands.