Filming is nearly done on my piece, patchworks: the street photographer. Just a couple quick shots to get this week and we’re finitio. As with most experiences in life, I’ve learned a few important things during the production of this film. They may never apply to you, but they certainly apply to me.


1. It’s a brilliant idea to team up with someone skilled in areas that you’re not so comfortable with. Case in point, having Nate come onboard to film this doc with me was super smart because Nate knows a lot more stuff than I do. He’s also taller than me, which makes for more variety in angles when filming handheld.

2. It’s smart to carry a large bag with you during shoots where you’re moving good distances with a fair bit of gear. That way, everyone can make you their mule and have you haul around important things like audio receivers and go-pro sticks.

3. If you carry your DSLR around and film in public places like it’s no big deal, then no one will make a big deal out of it.

4. Carry your extra SD cards and batteries in your front pocket where they’re convenient, not in your mule purse with the rest of your (and everyone else’s) gear.

5. Sometimes you’ll have to film high-maintenance diva types. Deal with it. (Reference photo below).

The rough cut is nearing completion as well; I should have it done inside of this week. I’ll admit, I have a low attention span and jump around in editing sequences a lot as ideas pop into my brain. It’s like Joe Strummer once sang, “don’t you ever stop long enough to start?”

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 9.39.50 PM

Finding the right music for the film is also proving tedious as I know exactly what I want it to sound like, but I’m still searching for the right song(s).