Hello, my name is Colin Corneau and I’m thrilled to be filming a second short film for MTS “Stories From Home” as part of the Patchworks 2 collective.

For this sophomore effort, I’ve chosen to stick with the theme of exploring Brandon’s Chinese community. My first film portrayed Weiming Zhao who creates at least one painting of our community each day with the skill, grace and care of a traditional scholar.

The film being produced this year will look at the life of Daniel Lim – a man whose long fascinating life has bridged two cultures — Canada and China. His childhood and young adulthood were spent in China at a time of war and upheaval.

He returned to Brandon as a young man to start anew and raise a family as our (relatively) young city grew, changed and prospered — a pattern mirrored in Mr. Lim’s life.

Daniel Lim also has the distinction of being the oldest living Chinese emigrant to Brandon — a fascinating fact given that Chinese people have been in this area since the 1880’s, as well as the new wave of recent arrivals who are once again transforming our community.

Throughout a life filled with uncertainty, hardship and change, Mr. Lim has always kept an easy-going, humble and accepting outlook on life. Now, in his late 80’s, his memories of East and West are shared with a strong and happy network of family and friends.

Principal shooting will take place in late May and June of 2014. I hope you find his life as fascinating as I do!