My film is a little unusual in that it centers on a fellow patchworks filmmaker, Colin Corneau, a professional photographer who has a passion for street photography.  Colin has been capturing (and developing) candid street photographs of people in Brandon’s downtown for over four years. He documents the changing scenery and spirit of the downtown with his blog, Reserved at all Times. If you’re someone who frequents Brandon’s downtown, you’ve probably seen Colin walking around with his 35mm Leica.

His candid street shots rely on his ability of near perfect timing and framing a composition quickly; he’s learned how to observe everyday chaos to capture a scene intuitively. In fact, I’ve literally seen him shoot from the hip when he sees something that looks like it would make an interesting photograph.  He’s also pretty good at blending in when he needs to—something that may be a little more difficult when he has a camera crew along for the ride.

I’ll be frank: I haven’t completely figured out how we’re going to film Colin in his element without getting in the way. But that’s for me to worry about, not you.

Check out some of Colin’s work below and head over to his blog for more of his work.