Karlheinz Sawatzky-DyckBubbles. Shimmering, shining, shivering spheres of air surrounded by a thin film of liquid.

They can float. They can sit. They can break.


But it’s with this most tenuous and impermanent of creations that Brandon’s Karlheinz Sawatzky-Dyck has earned his living for the past two decades.

Known professionally as Karlheinz The BubbleMan, Sawatzky-Dyck has entertained tens of thousands – perhaps even hundreds of thousands – of people throughout his extensive performing career. A performer who appeals to both the young and the young at heart, The BubbleMan is adept at his craft and has, in fact, turned it into an artform.

Watching himThe Bubbleman blowing bubbles in action  was and is a joy – he engaged the crowds at the Global Village marketplace and entranced a collection of youngsters as the featured guest at a party. Even the adults who were documenting his intriguing feats of bubble-making almost forgot what we were doing, so enticing was his act.

Bubbles, which seem to have lives of their own, mesmerize and hypnotize those who view them. While watching them disappear into a clear blue sky is the pleasure of some, others can’t wait to get their hands on these glistening globes and end their brief lives prematurely. Poking, stomping, clapping – whatever method of destruction they employ, the bubbles don’t stand a chance against the onslaught of those determined to strike them down.

But the sight of bubbles is sort of like the sound of banjos – you can’t be sad when you experience either. They elicit smiles and engender good will. They laugh and they dance for a brief time. And then, in an instant, they disappear.

Their impermanence is part of their charm. And charm is what Karlheinz The Bubbleman has in spades. We can’t wait for you to share in his talent and his story.