Barber baby bubbles and a bumblebee.
Ok just to be clear, there will be no bumblebees in this production.

Hi, I’m Chris Noto and this is my first production for MTS TV Stories from home and I’m psyched to be part of the Patchworks production. I’ve always known there was a slew of creative people here in Brandon and I’m glad to see a few of them come together.

Borden Petrycia, a local beekeeper is my subject. I met Borden through some friends a few years back and was always intrigued by what a beekeeper did. So when I accepted a layoff from a graphic house I was working at and wasn’t sure I wanted to continue with graphic design or ever look at a computer again, I ended up working for him the next summer.

Maybe I was really craving doing real things with my hands and not just tapping on a keyboard or clicking a mouse, but I loved it. I did get stung every day, but it was really great, Bees are a fascinating species and Borden is a really interesting guy. I hope I’ll be able to show you just how much in my production.

As a side note, Nate Bower is helping me with the filming of my production, which is great for a few reasons:

  1. He knows more than me about filming and I’m hoping to learn from him.
  2. He’s a bit of a gearhead like me and we can talk shop for quite a while.
  3. He’s terrified of bees and I really enjoy watching him squirm when they fly around him.

Stay tuned for more!