I’m back for another season of “patchworks”! Many thanks to MTS TV’s Stories From Home and the Brandon Industry Group for cultivating such a unique and creative outlet for our local storytellers.

This year, my contribution to “patchworks” focuses on the amazing work of Brandon-based charity, Funds For Furry Friends. Funds For Furry Friends is a foster-home based dog and cat rescue whose many volunteers works tirelessly to place adoptable cats and dogs into safe, home-based surroundings until they find their “Forever Homes”.

The charity was founded in 2001 by Shahna Rice, a woman with a huge heart and compassionate nature who was already volunteering her time to various animal rescues. Over a number of years, Rice and the group’s many volunteers worked to turn her small side project into one of Manitoba’s largest animal rescue organizations. Sadly, Shahna passed away in 2008, but many of her friends who helped build Funds For Furry Friends continued her work and still sit on the nationally-registered charity’s Board of Directors.

I recently had the chance to go “behind the scenes” at a Funds For Furry Friends photo shoot for several dogs who either are or will soon be available for adoption and, let me tell you, it’s hard not to be moved and buoyed by the eager, yet gentle nature of these animals.

Some have been seized from horrible conditions, some have been surrendered by owners who simply felt they didn’t have another choice, and yet others are just strays born in the wrong place at the wrong time. But all have endless love to give. And so much of that love is cultivated during the time they spend with the kind souls at Funds For Furry Friends. I hope my “patchworks” piece can capture even just a little bit of the love and dedication displayed by everyone involved in the charity!

Check out Funds For Furry Friends website at www.fundsfurfriends.com and watch for more updates on my production here!