As a collaborating filmmaker and the executive producer of the series, I’m, of course, biased, but I have to say I’m a huge fan of the Patchworks documentaries. It’s great to see such meaningful television production alive and well in the City of Brandon.

Patchworks 2 is the continuation of the successful Patchworks collaboration project by the Brandon Industry Group for MTS TV ‘Stories from Home’. 17 independent filmmakers are working on the series, each producing their own unique portrait documentary about a resident of the Westman area. This year boasts another strong line up of stories from experienced storytellers to those who are just beginning to dabble in the art.

For my episode I chose to dip into the lives of the very talented members of the band ‘Until Red’. I followed the band on the day of their third EP release ‘Johanna’.

These charismatic gentlemen juggle full time studies within the music program at Brandon University and Vincent Massey High School along with part-time jobs and their duties within the band. I found their energy as addictive as their music and I hope to portray this and the bands passion for their art in the final documentary.